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  • Support Agent 댓글 작업 고유 링크

    Hello W. Will,

    Thank you for contacting us!


    I appreciate your feedback about the grouping feature. We will add this to our feature list.

    Instead, I recommend you to use the Freeze feature. In that case, you can freeze the other pieces (or layer) and simulate only the selected active pieces that you want to simulate.


    Any other feedbacks are welcome :) Please let us know anytime.

    Have a lovely day!

  • W. Will 댓글 작업 고유 링크

    I'm not really talking about simulation. I know those features are there for simulation. I'm talking about exporting a garment piece by piece when you have a complex garment like a suit with a vest. When You're talking export, I don't want to export the whole garment in a single obj, but there are no methods to export parts separately because MD treats everything as a single garment. We want to be able to export one piece at a time. Right now, if I have a suit and I want to export the pants, I basically have to delete all of the other garments to export just the pants. Grouping allows you to work more efficiently when it comes to exporting and changing materials. 

  • Support Agent 댓글 작업 고유 링크

    Thank you for getting us back W. Will :)
    Yes. I totally understood the difficulty of exporting the garments when we handle a lot of pieces and layers.
    I will add the feature of exporting only the grouped pieces to our feature list. Furthermore, I appreciate your insight.

    Just for your information, as you may know, Export > OBJ (Selected) could be an option for now in case of exporting the garment as an OBJ file format. It helps you to export only the selected pattern.


    I hope this information helps you :)
    Should have further feedback or questions, please let us know. Have a lovely day!

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