Qt Support was removed from MD10 ?

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    Hello Jefri Haryono,

    Thank you for contacting us.


    We are sorry that we do not support Qt from the version of Marvelous Designer 10.

    If we have a plan to support it again, we will notice it in public.


    Should you have further questions, please let us know :)

    Have a lovely day!

  • Jefri Haryono 댓글 작업 고유 링크

    Hi Sonia,

    Thanks for the reply.

    May I ask what's the Qt version used it Marvelous Designer 10 ? ( Version: Personal 6.0.553)

    I might want to try to add PySide2 to the packages myself :)


  • Support Agent 댓글 작업 고유 링크

    You're welcome, Jefri Haryono.


    Sure. We are using Qt version 5. You can also check the Qt version (qt dll) inside the folder where Marvelous Designer 10 is installed.

    I hope this information helps you :)

  • Jefri Haryono 댓글 작업 고유 링크

    Thanks. Can I have the specific version of that Qt5  (e.g 5-15.2) so that I can build the python binding specific to that version ? 

  • Support Agent 댓글 작업 고유 링크

    Of course. The specific version of Qt is 5.14.2.

    Please refer to this for your work :)


  • Jefri Haryono 댓글 작업 고유 링크

    Hi Sonia, thanks for the info. I'll try it out :)

  • Östsjö Erik 댓글 작업 고유 링크

    Hi, I've had some issues pop up regarding Qt moving from Marvelous  Designer 10 to Marvelous Designer 11. Has the Qt version changed from 5.14.2? If so is it possible to find out what the current version is?

  • Jefri Haryono 댓글 작업 고유 링크

    For anyone interested , MD 12 is using Qt 5.15.2 (by checking the Qt dll info in the installation directory)

  • Lewis Slater 댓글 작업 고유 링크

    Thanks, this is helpful info

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