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change Avatar's measurements?

  • Ng Vee 댓글 작업 고유 링크

    This feature is available in CLO but not in Marvelous. As you may be aware, CLO is designed for the fashion industry, that is just humans while Marvelous for 3D media. A lot of the work in movies/games involves custom avatars that are usually roughly modelled/proportioned before getting to the marvelous stage. While this feature would be fantastic to have in both, CLO is more expensive because it has more features.

  • Angel Angel 댓글 작업 고유 링크

    See DAZ and measure-metrics.

    You can use the auto-adjust to set the target dimensions and the let the algorithm do the adjustment work.

    You can also export the table settings. Drag and drop measures or make you own.  Import to MD as FBX.

    In Daz you can also load in more surface shape addons to get control over aspects of the body shape and adjust areas locally across the hip shape, bust etc.

    If you then import you Daz model to MD and have a set of tapes in MD for that daz model they will auto-update to read off the new measures.

  • Christine 댓글 작업 고유 링크

    Hi Angel,

    thank you for your answer to my question. do you know a tutorial teaching me how exactly do it in Daz and how to  import it into MD? I am not familiar with Daz.

    Many thanks, Christine

  • Angel Angel 댓글 작업 고유 링크

    If you are not familiar with DAZ you maybe need to walk yourself around their software application and the uses. There is a cost for the addons so you need to factor that in as a toolset. The basic application is free, but addons to add in functionality have a small cost, and dependent on how many you need, that can grow over time, so you need to think of the longer term use - DAZ is a good toolset, but it also has a substantial learning curve. 


    [Manual > /measure_metrics/start : Link]

    [Video 1 : Link]

    [Video 2 : Link]


    To get the adjustment working on a DAZ character you also need to factor in you need to install your male and female DAZ base characters - these come free and have basic body shape adjustments. To get more detailed adjustments and more sculpted characters you may need to but addon packs. You can adjust the free base female and male characters using the basic sliders of weight, body tone, and height, but for more control on specific body areas like waist and arms, legs you may to add in the DAZ originals evolution  body morphs for male and female. So you would want to budget at least $100 to get measure-metrics + evolution male and female addon functions.


    [evolution body morph addon : Link]


    For a kinda low tech version of measurement for avatars, now where as complete as DAZ but still worth investigating are:


    The free open source [ Link: blender] (also free) human character addon called MB-Lab >> [MB-Lab : Link] this has a form of crude measurement tool but it does have the ability to shape the avatar to a photo or sculpt, or use sliders to change the avatar size. Well worth checking out and 100% free and a very different way of working - actually very good if you already use blender.


    The other one to check out is the well known > [Link: Makehuman ] also 100% free and is a stand alone application where you can shape the human form using sliders. This is perhaps the easiest one to use out of all the options. You can export an avatar and use it in MD, then apply a single set of measures from MD and they will auto-adjust (fit) to the new imported human shape. You only need to create a set of measure once in MD and they will update each time for the newly exported (sized) avatar. So in that manner you can use makehuman to adjust the body shape (along with it's crude internal measurement tools) and then get a more detailed set when you import to MD. So if you are on a budget and want to lower the learning curve makehuman is a great option. 


    So that is 3 tools to research and look through, (maybe start with makehuman and see what you think) all with unique advantages. DAZ being the more costly option , but possibly the best all around quality, certainly harder to learn, and has license terms and costs you need to factor in, but it is standalone. Blender + MB-Lab > easy to addon and use if you already know blender, and also has good tools to adjust the avatars shape, but not as detailed. And then Makehuman a very easy to learn standalone app, 100% free, with lots of adjustments for body shape and tone, has basic measurement tools for girths and lengths to get you close to a specific size.



  • Christine 댓글 작업 고유 링크

    Dear Angel, many thanks for your in-deph answers. I think I will go for the makehuman version. Is there a tutorial or instruction how I can import it to MD? ( I have version 8)

    kind regards


  • Angel Angel 댓글 작업 고유 링크

    Check out the playlist of tutorials that deals with it >> [Link Part 1 to part 4]



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