How to fix seams showing on obj export

  • Twohig Mary 댓글 작업 고유 링크

    not sure if this helps, but sometimes seams don't merge if you have a piece of geo frozen. if you unfreeze and sim a few seconds, then try exporting again they should sew up. 

  • Marvelous Designer Team COMMUNITY MANAGER 댓글 작업 고유 링크

    Hi Alex

    For this issue, we will need to take a look at the file. Please issue a ticket at out Contact Us page with the .zprj attach so we can take a look. 

    At first, I will say it might not be on the right scale. Many functions in MD will not work properly if the scale is too big or too small. 

    Usually, seams will not leave any space between them when exported, also the feature merge vertex by proximity during export should help you out with this issue.

    As I said please share with use the file so we can have a more accurate respond to your doubt. 

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