Request for improved timestep calculation based on FPS changes

  • Batochir Batbayar 댓글 작업 고유 링크
    • 1 substep per frame: 0.04 seconds
    • 2 substeps per frame: 0.02 seconds
    • 4 substeps per frame: 0.01 seconds
    • 8 substeps per frame: 0.005 seconds
    • 16 substeps per frame: 0.0025 seconds
    • 32 substeps per frame: 0.00125 seconds
  • Support Agent COMMUNITY MANAGER 댓글 작업 고유 링크

    Thanks for leaving this feedback to us. We will review this and share with dev team. 

  • odii 댓글 작업 고유 링크

    Hello. I have been working under the impression that you only support 30fps. Do you only still just support 30fps or you support other fps now for an alembic animation import

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