Help needed for overweight character

  • Support Agent コメントアクション パーマリンク

    Hello Tim Smith,

    Thank you for contacting us!

    It seems you need to edit the pattern a bit, first. I suggest you enlarge the 2D pattern size of your waistband and also the hip part.

    I hope this helps you. Should you have any other questions, please let me know!

  • Tim Smith コメントアクション パーマリンク

    Okay, I might be getting somewhere with it. :) I've been adjusting each piece one by one, and particularly the crotch area and things are definitely improving with the stress map.

  • Tim Smith コメントアクション パーマリンク

    Hmm. Spoke too soon. Still struggling with it. :-\ One minute I'll get the waistline fine, but the legs are in the red, the next - I'm back to square one and the waistline is in the red and too tight, along with everything else. I can't seem to hit a balance.

  • Angel Angel コメントアクション パーマリンク

    Try using the custom skin suit approach to fitting a standard pair of trousers from a MD avatar to a custom character, that might speed your pattern shape development.


    See video on feature > Link

  • geordie コメントアクション パーマリンク

    I have an overweight character in sweat pants and my patterns are shaped like this. the backside of the pants are at the bottom
    I have them being held up by a tank top that is sewn to the waist band -- instead of tacks.  the tank top is only used to hold the pants up and I don't export it.