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Lesson "Color Blocked Shirt" minute 19 sewing pleat to yoke - question

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    Hello angelina.odievich,

    I'd like to recommend including images/video to see this issue better! 


  • angelina.odievich コメントアクション パーマリンク

    Thank you!  Hopefully you can see what I am talking about, the please material is sewn, but not to the shirt’s back.  I am not sure how to make a video, if that's what you need I can try?

  • angelina.odievich コメントアクション パーマリンク

    We can close this ticket, or thread.  I watched the video over and over again, here is what happened: I didn't have, "symmetric pattern with sewing" connecting the two part of the pattern's seams.  Also I missed that there were 4 seams created, the sequence goes so fast I didn't catch that there are actually two seams on the middle back part of the fold.