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Recent activity by Leandro Oliveira
  • How to make a pattern to be harder?

    Hi. I bought this garment: When I use Fitting Suit or make a simulation, the leaves' parts fall down. I want to animate the avatar, so the leaves ...

  • Garment ugly grid shapes

    Hi. Why do many of the garments I simulate have these ugly "grid" shapes? They don´t appear in sleeves. Everything has particle distance = 5mm. 

  • Export just seam normal lines

    Hi. How can I export just the seam lines as a normal map? I don´t want to export the fabric's normal map. Thanks.

  • Fitting Suit new issues

    Hi everyone! After learning how to deal with Fitting Suit, I faced new issues. Usually, when Fitting Suit doesn´t work, I open the project I bought...

  • Exporting parts separately in Alembic

    Hi, I have an animated cloth. That cloth has some parts, as jacket, skirt and a belt. How can I export that parts separately, each one in a differe...

  • Some parts of the garment don´t follow the avatar animation

    Hi. I bought a project and I´m using it in my avatar. I simulated the garment in animation, but the skirt, belt, and other objects were not moving....

  • Smooth mesh

    Hi, how to smooth cloth mesh? Particle Distance is 5mm. How to get rid of this jagged looking?

  • Exported textures are not fitting correctly

    Hi, I´m using the latest version of MD. I bought a garment outside Marvelous store. I´m trying to export an OBJ with textures to be imported inside...

  • Auto suit issue

    Hi. I´ve bought this cloth: https://www.artstation.com/marketplace/p/2dALb/shaolin-uniforms-marvelous-designer-clo3d-project-obj I imported as avat...