Reset 3D Arrangement problem

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    Hello Tyler!

    Thank you for contacting us.

    As I mentioned in the article you posted on the Feedback section(click the link), we have an issue with Reset 3D Arrangement feature.

    We will come back to you as soon as we hear back from the team. :)


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    This has always been a pain. 

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    You are missing a step.

    With MD it's expected that the state of the 2D patterns is assigned some arrangement point, then when you reset 3D arrangement it will go back to that (1st arrangement state). The reason it doesn't function for you is you are effectively saying to the 'machine that goes ping' .... " please return to the start arrangement state ... by the way .... I missed that step ". The computer throws it's arms into the air and reply's "  ....   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯   ....  " and you get some random CPU guess. Then the machine goes ping waiting for the next instruction ...


    How it should be done, >>>You insert either a single or a few arrangement points for those pattern pieces relative to some avatar object / model that you load (the machine automatically does this for you ... that's ping, ping, ping) when you load any model avatar into the scene. Then you navigate to that (blue dot) and locate your pattern piece to that arrangement point. You then save a history state (or the machine goes 'ping' and logs that step) and you move on ... then when you ask the machine to revert (reset) to you origination arrangement start state the machine goes ..... "gotcha".

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    Where are there any instructions on this, inserting arrangement points? It's so important but I've not seen anything instruction wise for it. Why can't it just remember the way we've arranged them in 3D as the default?

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    Also, for some things I'm not using an avatar, how then do I get my 3D arranged patterns to remain intact?

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    The arrangement points automation is set up for avatars (bi-peds) with limbs and arms. If >you< are deviating from the norm then it's incumbent on you to adapt and manually add an arrangement point to a bounding volume using the avatar editor to what ever object you import as a avatar eg: pillow.

    Assigning bounding volumes (BV) (green cylinders) and inserting arrangement points to those BV's is covered in the manual.


    Video #1

    Video #2

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    I found some videos already and tried to do a set of arrangement points on a cube. It's a really clunky interface. The program should just remember the manual placement of patterns set by the user, it acts like a bug. I've already reported this behavior to the developers as such. 

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    You can always save a project 'history state'.    .... at any stage and revert to that .... forking your work into issue files (pretty common to do).

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    Has this been solved?

    Just started the demo, and even default stuff doesn't seem to know where it's supposed to be.

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