import problems

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    .dae should work correctly. I do not have DAZ.

    .dae format has scale defined inside the file. MD therefore 'knows' what scale the geometry data represent. The import dialog in MD gives options to scale (they affect the scale input). DO NOT TOUCH THAT if you import a .dae, or you will re-apply' the scaling. (say .dae says it is cm units, then at 100% import scale MD will multiply with 10 to get its mm units. If you specify input is in cm units, so import scale is 1000%, MD will apply another factor 10)

    .obj format does not  have the scale info embedded so you have to specify what units the geometry is in.

    What is wrong with the import of morph target .obj"s? They are messed up or do they not work? Anyway import of morph target .obj works only for .obj 'prop' avatars. You cannot morph rigged avatars or (AFAIK) 'prop' avatars loaded via .fbx or collada. 

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