Making leather boots

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    You can create your own preset.  Start with an existing preset, then under the Property Editor (when that fabric selection is highlighted) go to the Details area.  Play with the Stiffness and Bending settings as a start.  Experiment a bit... it is possible.  

    I made the boots, and armor, for these characters, in MD almost 8 years ago:



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    And there are tools available now, that I didn't have back then.

    Use one of the selection tool to apply a stiffening to an area, while leaving other areas to be softer.  In this case, the boot 'cuffs' at the top would be stiffer, and the area around the ankle would be free to have the bending wrinkles that often occur.  

    You can use the Line tack to Avatar to keep the tops of the boots in place on the legs.


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    Okay, I'm going to experiment with a custom material and see how it goes. Thanks for the advice. One thing though - I'm not quite show what you mean by adding stiffness to an area. How do you do that? Thanks.

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    I'm still struggling with this. At the moment I'm having problems with the soles; they're always too soft and go into the foot, or they just go haywire and pull the rest of the material down. But they just won't sit on the sole of the foot.

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    Try moving the avatar in the 3D window about 1 meter on the axis that is away from the paper plane (Z axis). The preset camera plane is based on body size so you will find the clipping plane Limits what is seen moving the avatar forward or backwards in the Z- axis. find that default sweet point and you will have your clipping plane.

    Hope that helps.😊

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    I think you've replied to the wrong thread. ;) But thanks for the suggestion; I get what you mean now. I'm still unable to have it so only the soles of the feet are visible. It's looking like this in the 2D plane...

    Also, as an aside... is it possible to adjust something so when you snap on rotation, it does it by 90 degree angles? It only does it at 45 degree angles for me. :-\


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    1. You will need to disable the ground plane, if you are working at the soles of the feet.   Right-click anywhere (other than ton the avatar) in the 3D window, and in the pop-up menu, choose Simulation Properties.  Then, in the right-hand menus, find the listing for Ground, open that and uncheck the collision option.   this will keep the cloth from creating collision conflicts between the ground and the bottom of your avatar's feet.

    2.  A possibly quicker way to get a pattern for the soles (besides the clipping plane idea above) would be to use the Line on Avatar feature, plus the Flatten option.  You will have to adjust for the toes area, as that will complicate the line you create, but that would be simple pattern editing.  This will also help with orienting the cloth mesh for the soles in the correct direction for cloth/avatar interactions. 

    3. Once you have a clean sole pattern, and it is in the correct orientation for work, then use the Freeze function to have it keep it's flatness and position, during simulation.  You will be able to sew the uppers patterns onto it while it is frozen.  

    4. Things will get complicated if you are trying for animation, however, as the frozen sole patterns won't move. You will have to unfreeze the soles.  This is where the need for a stiffer material really comes in.   Try for a setting like Hardware/metal, and if that isn't stiff enough in movement, adjust the individual property settings for that fabric.  Select the fabric you are using for the soles in the list (not the pattern pieces, but the fabric choice).  Under the Property Editor, look for the line labeled Details.  Play with the settings for Stiffness and Bending until you get a really firm fabric.

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    Whoops yes I did post in the wrong area, using a tablet and it was hard to see the thread I were in, corrected it thanks. 

    (Hi Rosemaryr we saw the news today on how California is now going into lockdown statewide - I know the feeling after Melbourne's 9 month stint - watching grass slowly quickly becomes a real thing! Hang in there. ) 


    (Louise cake - a kiwi favorite >> Link)


    Onto your solution with a few screen captures. > Try nose planting your avatar forward to the floor plane. Kiss the floor, is the correct direction. Then slide the avatar forward until only the foot shows. This is the forward clipping plane in the default camera. The rear clipping plane will always include the other side of the avatar geometry.



    Switch to xray mode and pick(select)  the avatar (AVT) insertion point between the feet at floor level, and using the gizmo rotate the avatar forward parallel to the floor plane. When you do this keep you finger on the shift button, as you use the gizmo rotation feature and the avatar will snap to increments making this an easy task to keep horizontal.

    You should also adjust the foot bones to get the foot in the correct posed direction.

    See below the avatar selection point tp rotate the avatar (kiss the floor) forward. 

    Once the avatar is rotated forward we will slide it forward using the axis on the gizmo.

    Pull forward (-z axis).

    Until the feet start to become clipped about the ankle position - this is therefore the front view of the x,y paper space plane in the 2D drafting window.

    And that is the simple result. Ready to trace around. 


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    Resurrecting this thread again. I've made some leather cowboy boots, but I'm finding the fabric to be too springy and cloth like. I've tried the only two leather presets I can see - Leather Lambskin and Trim Full Grain Leather. However, the latter makes the physics go nuts due to the Bending Bias or Warp being at 90. I've spent hours fine tuning and fiddling with the different physical properties, but can't seem to hit anything I'm satisfied with. :-\

    Does anyone have any recommended settings for leather cowboy boots? The reference I'm trying to match doesn't have that many folds and creases, which mine doesn't currently, but it just looks too cloth-like rather than leather. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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