Topology colours very hard to see on 5K iMac (Bug acknowledged)

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    Hello Angus!

    Thank you for contacting us!

    The issue seems to be related to the Resolution.
    It is recommended that you change the settings. (Please refer to the image below.)

    Location: User Settings ▶ User Interface ▶ Resolution
    We are sorry that we do not support 5K in our software Marvelous Designer.

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    What version are you using? They are orange in MD10 on selection or Aqua when being generated and they can be distinguished as a continuous line (that moves with your cursor verse all the static lines) and as opposed to UV line with points .... until they are laid. Seems to work fine and appears to be visually easy to pick out on my screen, not sure there is any issue.


    "I used to have an aqua school uniform when youger, so aside from not particularly liking the color 'aqua' too much these days in clothing - it works well." No offense to Aqua lovers, but there you go - personal luggage in the form of semantics, also not my favorite color, but for other reasons". 



    But as an easy to see interactive topology line, it's kind of splitting hairs to want  'Aqua' booted from the interface. My screen is set to the brighter color temperature settings ....  and I  also use plenty of hand to mouse action, when I use MD.



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    I'm on 10, I mean the colour when adding a loop not when selecting one. Your image that aqua colour it is way more visible than mine. Even so aqua on purple is not the first combo I would think of for making a thin line stand out. I'm on a 5K recent iMac with calibrated screen. It's only drawing the loop with one pixel, look at this zoomed image on Photoshop. Not sure how I can make this stronger.



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    I think MD is not displaying well in a HDPI monitor. Photoshop used to have this issue where it drew paths etc with only one pixel. That worked fine on regular resolutions but was almost invisible on high dpi screens. Now they lines are much thicker, problem fixed. 

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    Support-Agent I do not have that resolution option in settings. 


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    That is pretty poor contrast on the MAC, I am on a PC so it's good. Maybe dial up the Anti-alias value on the rendering in the user settings from the default value.

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    The iMac screen is great quality, it's easily covering 100% of sRGB and is more then 99% of P3 with contrast ratio of over 1000:1. It's wide gamut high dpi and that seems to be the issue as MD is not catering to that and drawing the lines at as 1 pixel. On a 5K display 1 pixel is very small. I do have my screen calibrated for photo retouching and at 120 cd/m2, which is good practice if you want to avoid eye strain. Even if I disable the calibration profile and boost the brightness to maximum, which is searingly bright and no way I would work with it at that level, even then there is no real improvement in MD with the interactive topology new loop visibility. You can see post from the team above where they say it is a resolution issue with MD not catering to high DPI screens. The AA settings slightly I'm improve lines that are off axis but as you can see from my screen grab the on axis lines are drawn at 1 pixel with no anti-aliasing at all, so increasing AA has zero affect on them. But the contrast of the two colours in MD is not good either. Given the quality of the screen I am on perhaps the issue here aslo lies in MD. My screen is hardly lacking in contrast generally. 

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    Hello Angus, 

    I am really sorry for the confusion. This is an update on your inquiry.

    1. We don't have settings of Resolution in Mac. (Only in Window.) That's because Mac automatically adjusts the resolution.

    2. We found that it was our issue with the Retopology lines. Other inner/outlines are supposed to be adjusted according to the resolution.
    However, the lines created in the Retopology mode didn't have that feature. Our development team has resolved this issue. This feature will be included in the next patch version.

    I will give you an update after the patch version releases. Thank you for your patience!

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    Hello Angel Angel,

    Thank you for your reply!

    According to your reference images and explanation, we could find that it was our software issue. Thank you again :)

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