Shrink wrap / vacuum sealed bag

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    You may want to try some normal use first, and it makes little sense to say something 'does not work' without saying what goes wrong.

    I now can not do more than throw a few hints in the blind.

    I assume you understand that the bag needs to have sufficient small particle distance. To let the fabric define a curve assume you need 3 facets in a 90 degrees bend, so settle on sometong like half the radius of the bend.

    MD simulation parameters are set for human-size sheets on human shaped models. For a small wrap like you show there best scale it up to 1.0 m or so size. The sim works best and the collision distance, default 3 mm, will probably do.

    Work in steps. reduce the pressure gradually, correct, and then proceed.

    When working with over-under pressure always be sure your object is suitably 'anchored', or it may fly off like a rocket.

    Make sure all patterns have normals 'outward'. You have to 'turn' the back panel.

    Mahe sure your avatar or prop has a single shell. Do not use an object with a modelled inside. Cloth vertices have no idea about a modelled inside of your collision object and will assume they are 'outside' when they have left the space inside the wall. 


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