help with fitting suit

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    I have the impression your avatar is very small. The default offset MD uses is 3 mm, and if your avatar is only 100 mm high, tha results in these large offsets. Also possible: the offset value needs to be corrected.

    The offset is one of the many aspects that show that the processes in MD are related to scale. Under the hood there is a lot of tuning, and of course tuning is done for typical garment size. Yuo CAN work in a different scale but then you need to do a lot of retuning. Absolute distances are everywhere: offset from the avatar, particle distance, fabric thickness, gravity, damping factors. It is all made to work together for objects of about that size.

    Use an import scale that makes your avatar about life size, or typically between 1.0 and 2.0 m. For gloves, shoes, and so on again use a scale that will make your avatar in the scene size between 1.0 and 2.0 m.  If you want to model a circus tent or the sails of a ship, again scale until it fits in a 2 m box.

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