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What is the maximum number of CPU cores that MD can utilize?

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    Thanks for your inquiry. 

    I'd like to share that based on MD simulation core design, performance gains are difficult on CPUs exceeding 12 cores at this moment. We'd like to recommend you to set up under 12 cores for the best result in simulation. 

    Thank you.

    Best regards,

    Marvelous Designer Team

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    No idea. Guess it will be some power of 2. You best experiment what comes out best on your system and typical project, and other processes you have going on your system. If you leave one or two cores unused, that may result in less interuptions of those doing the simulation. 

    Simlations do not 'scale' well with number of CPU cores. More cores give more overhead, just like large companies usually are less efficient than small companies. 

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