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MD 10 Upgrade Difficulties?

  • Orzechowski Michal Comment actions Permalink

    I got same issue

  • Berezowski Shane Comment actions Permalink

    It looks like you should be able to select which license to upgrade, but the actual functionality doesn't work like that...

  • Berezowski Shane Comment actions Permalink

    I sent a ticket to support. Hopefully this is resolved soon as I have an ongoing project that could save a lot of time using the new avatar transfer feature.

  • Travis William Comment actions Permalink

    The 'Check Current License Owned' section does not let you permanently select a license. So if you have upgraded multiple times, it assumes you want to upgrade all the upgrades.

  • Powell Dawson Comment actions Permalink

    I am having the same issue as well. My original purchase of version 7 and my upgrade to 8 both try to upgrade to 10 at their appropriate 60% discount, no matter which one I choose. I'm sure they'll get this fixed in the next few days if not sooner.

  • Cosmo Light Comment actions Permalink

    Where are you folks finding this Upgrade Perpetual License option? Are you clicking on Trade-in/Upgrade on the Pricing page?

    Double checking before I find myself accidentally trading it in!

  • Travis William Comment actions Permalink

    Yes, Trade In/Upgrade.  You will see the selections on the page and have opportunities to back out if needed.

  • Travis William Comment actions Permalink

    BTW, all appears to be working now on the page. I upgraded my license without issue.

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