can i bring my own UV map into MD ?

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    Yes, you can provided the UV map is not too distorted.

    Route 1:

    1 - make a panel large enough to hold the uv-map life-size. Make particle distance large to prevent the vertices of that large area choke your computer.

    2 - On that panel trace the contours of the uv islands on the map using internal lines. 

    3 - cut out the shapes you traced.

    4 - sew jeans from panels.

    Alternatively: Make an MD jeans model that has the same size and cut but not the distortion that usually comes from genrated UV maps. Arrnage the panels thereof as in 2D and freeze. Then rail-pin the edges of the patterns you cut out on the edges of the MD model. Set gravity to 0.0 and shear stiffness to a low value. You want to simulate rubber. Then simulate. Use shrinkage, pins and steam to make your patterned panels strtched flat on the frozen 'good' panels and they form a uv map for your MD jeans model. Export the lot as OBJ or whatever with uv mapped 0-1, etc.

    From the export delete the geometry part but use the UV map geneated to texture your MD jeans model. 


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