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Can't figure out how to make this collar look or behave how I want it. Not sure if I took the right direction.

  • Andersen Rasmus Comment actions Permalink

    Hey there! :)


    Maybe you need to have a slightly rounded collar piece. Yours is totally straight :)

    Maybe also make it a tiny bit taller so you have a bit more of the mesh being able to fold.

    Have you tried upping the particle distance on the collar piece?? to allow it to fold better around the neck of the avatar?

  • Rosemary Comment actions Permalink

    While I can see that you want the skin-tight look for the top, it is still much too tight.  (Specifically, the top of the sleeves are too narrow, which pulls on the shoulders, and thus the collar.  The entire top curve of the sleeves should equal the combined seam length of the armhole seams of the front and back, to which it is sewn.)  You based your pattern sizes too closely on the 2D silhouette, which doesn't allow for the extra width needed to go around the third dimension of the depth of the torso, especially on a female avatar with normal breasts.  As a result the whole thing is stretched over the upper area of the torso, which distorts the way the collar area lies on the body.  You need to (gradually) widen both the torso pieces, the collar **and the tops of the sleeves**, to allow the top to sit more naturally on the avatar's body.  Pull up the strain mapping to gauge just how much to adjust the patterns.  In general, a red coloring of the strain map is bad, green/blue is good.  Do a quick search on sleeves and armhole layouts to see a better fitting design.



  • Malcolm Comment actions Permalink

    I took your advice and made adjustments accordingly. I made the collar more round and made the sleeves equal the length of the holes. I tried making the top pieces wider but that didn't really give the desired results so i'm thinking my issue is more in the way the pieces are shaped maybe? This is what it looks like now.


  • Rosemary Comment actions Permalink

    You're getting there. 

    Next step is to try adjusting the physical properties of the fabric(s). 

    Try one of the presets that have 'stretch' in the name, and see how it affects the strain mapping. 

    After that, go into the Details area of the fabric's properties, and adjust any of the choices labeled 'Stretch' there.  

  • Andersen Rasmus Comment actions Permalink

    Hey there.

    I hope you can see my quick sketch.

    You need a more rounded neck line at the back. Center back is straight and then curves up a bit.


    Same as center front. Where the lines meet they are straight on each other. Front piece is more rounded and deep than the back.


    Also your armholes front and back are not there. They are just straight lines. You need more shape :)


    The sleeve is still not curved enough. You need the edges to be a bit wider. Start flat and then it rises up and then back down again. You can mirror haft a pattern and unfold it.


    Your collar does not have the right shape for what you need.

    We call these a "banana" because of the shape. Draw half a patten and unfold it. You need the center back to be straight like center back of the curve on the back piece.


    As you can see on the sketch from the side. You need an even line from the back to the front so the collar sits nice on top.


    You can click the back neck curve and the front neck curve and see total line length. Now you know the length of half a collar. (That's why you draw half and unfold it).


    Try to Google " basic t-shirt pattern" I hope that will help you and you can see it matches my sketch :)

  • Andersen Rasmus Comment actions Permalink 


    if you have any questions about construction of any garment. Feel free to write me :)

  • Angel Angel Comment actions Permalink

    TRIM - TIP > The Chinese button knot made in MD (below) would be a nice decorative touch.  I can see that in use in 2 places on the garment. Know that you can make these in MD pretty easily - about 5 minutes work.


    See process here >> [ LINK ]


  • Andersen Rasmus Comment actions Permalink

    You made that knot in MD?! That's amazing!

  • Angel Angel Comment actions Permalink

    Actually it's really easy I have about 200 knots in MD, for all sorts of things. basically I do a lot of tying of stuff in garments. Nearly all my clothing has complex tying in it using cloth, yarn or chord or rope. So I just overcame that repeated complexity with a really basic trick - using the trace tool in MD. Works like magic and the knot gets self assembled ready to simulate. And you can pull it really tight so it's nice and snug.


    Knots are one of those aspects of clothing trim that many avoid - when you can actually do them really easily. Same with complex wraps of cloth with a fine creasing, actually really easy to do - just the process is perhaps hard to see ... but when it's revealed you kind of go - oh yeah, easy peazy. I also manually tie stuff but to be frank this approach always gives a better quality knot - so I tend to go for the quality result where I can for my visuals as it's more consistent as a process control. 



  • Andersen Rasmus Comment actions Permalink

    That is simply amazing! When can we see the first tutorial on YouTube?

    As a designer I love buttons and tying tings. I never use zippers!
    A lot of my designs have belts and stuff tying things together.
    I am also working on easy to do knots and such. For my belts that is :)

  • Angel Angel Comment actions Permalink

    I am so busy these days - digital clothing for production and film has become bonkers. In 8+ years I have never known it to get this active + and with pandemic it's added in a special level of complication. Strange times we live in.


  • Andersen Rasmus Comment actions Permalink

    Well I am happy to hear that.
    I started with marvelous when thr pandemic broke out.

    And I am just amazed about the potential.
    Im got a small job part time working with 3D models for a small indie game company in America.

    Learning so much. One thing is making a static model in MD. It's another thing to make useful 3D models for a computer game! My goodness! Haha

  • Angel Angel Comment actions Permalink


    Check it out people.

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