Button 2d measurements are gone

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    Without seeing a screenshot of his tutorial (I doubt anyone will pay the $47 just to check this one thing), there really isn't a way to be certain exactly what he did.   Best guess, is he used a right-click option with the button tool to bring up the placement option box.  


    You will find a lot of hidden option boxes using the right-click options for many of the different tools.

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    Dear Rosemary, thank you for answering.

    I found this Line RMB option but it is just to use with numbers. He can move the blue + free and gets the measures

    If he's editing a button he gets the 2D MEASURMENT options in the Property Editor. Me not. Please have a look on the difference.

    I cannot change the places of buttons afterwards and have to start from the beginning.

    My main question is: why I don't have the 2D Measurement???

    Thank in advance, Anja


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    Ah.  I just pulled out an older version of the program, and it's there. 

    So it seems he was using an older version for the tutorial.  Looks like this is something that got removed/forgotten in version 9.5. 

    There were a number of functionality changes in the latest version.  You could drop a line in the suggestions/feedback area.

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    Ok, thank you, so it is not me ;)

    It must be forgotten, because the manual says it's there... I will drop it there but I wonder that nobody before runned into that.

    Maybe buttons are sooo overrated ;)

    Btw. I love your MD works a lot. Especially the older Holbein-Renaissance dress and the Queen Louise. That was my first encounter with MD years ago and I was speechless. In the real life I make costumes for theatres etc and as a tailor this program is the heaven for me... Have to grow my wings, haha!

    Thanks for your attention, have a good week!


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    The manual often lags behind the current version.  Some things just need to be worked around, at times.

    Thank you for the kind words. 

    I know, that as a costumer/tailor, MD will be dreamy for you!  It was for me! 

    You might want to look at CLO (the sister program) if you want to translate your 3D work into real-world patterns.  MD is focused on the 3D applications, whereas CLO is geared to garment manufacturing.  It has all the stuff MD has, and a bit more....

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    Interesting, I haven't noticed this before: have you tried to copy a button then paste + right click to set the button pitch, with the shift key to set the orientation snap. Occasionally the developers try something out, novel &  new, and squeeze the thinking into a 0.5 update version - I call this the half-time thinking, which sometimes gets the cookie crunch as it gets booted from the full-time upgrade. this could be one of those 'unicorn instances where you stumble upon a button that you cannot kick out the way on your quest to learn MD from videos. 


    CLO3D latest version still has the button set to the 2D measures of left,right,top, bottom. So maybe this is a special qwerk of MD 9.5, are you using a Mac ?

    Otherwise looks like you have stumbled upon a genuine 'Mc Nugget' or mystery 'gremlin'. A rarity these days - savor the moment.


    :-) Rosemaryr, Angel, and Marcus - live for these anal retentive feature change moments 😵 - as it's time to flex the grey-matter on what-the-heck is going on, with our MD toolset? Is this a wayward developer that has magically gone - awol off the UI brief and started flexing their soloist coding mind - who knows ? I should 'button up', but I smell a rogue programmer doing there own thing here, starting to think independently of the main team.🤣


    Could be a conspiracy to stop all clothing from buttoning, someone trying to messy up the world of digital fashion. A 'button' anarchist - maybe someone whom has a zip fetish brewing and has decided to throw a technical spanner into the regimenting of brass buttons, so we all start placing in zippers as they are now easier to do. 😵


    :-)  [Link >>] Spectacular history of 'Turkey' pardons. You just know, next year, that will likely include Trump being served up to account and not some lucky turkey. Ghee this lockdown is just going, on and on ... I would like a row of 'doves' lined up for 2021, not a row of 'turkeys'. MD Don't mess with what works - it's bad feng shui, + karma. .🤣


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    As for the button thing:  I personally think that someone said something like "Doesn't everyone *want* their buttons all lined up in a neat little row, with even spacing, so lets do the 'internal line offset' as a button option feature."    For once, the dev team seems to be trying things out first in MD, rather than first in CLO.  We'll watch and wait to see where this leads to I guess.


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    Rosemary Thanks, I know about CLO but after 39 years real sewing I'm now more interested to do it digitally ;) just for fun and for my own clothes for DAZ. Some picture ideas works only with the right clothing items. But maybe I could become a content creator on my old days :)

    Layla wrote me that the 2d button measurement options were removed :(  in MD9.5 and I could roll back to 9. Hmmm. Not the solution of my heart. To be able to move a row of buttons just to the right, wherever they may be, makes no sense in my opinion. A great pity and a strange decision.


    Angel Angel Hello Angela, thank you for your extremely poetic explanation of the strange button events. I laughed a lot about it. The "copy a button then paste + right click to set the button pitch, with the shift key to set the orientation snap" works but afterwards it's over. No further ability to change places, except to the right. I'm on a PC... Maybe we should start a protest movement: "2d Button Measurements matters" before also the zippers will be removed for the using of Velcro straps - to make it even easier ;)

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