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Auto suit issue

  • Angel Angel Comment actions Permalink

    See these links. You basically need to load your avatar into MD as a prior workflow & separate task to create a bespoke fit suit that it is bound to (eg: registered as a matching set in the library), and not use a prior one (fit suit) made for another character, such that it becomes a 'registered' 'matching' - custom named, skin suit + new character duo > New Avatar in the MD library, that you save for your garment refitting project. 


    At the moment you are missing that part of the prep-work in the project workflow, and are defaulting your character model to an (default) skin suit that does not match that character. Think of the new avatar characters and skin suits for refitting >  as 'paired' components that allow the shop garment to calculate the characters offset (interpolation) data as weight maps. If one of these elements are missing (aka ~ your characters matching skin suit and it's named binding to that character) then the task cannot be computed > therefore the process stops and the alert message comes up to warn you of that fault in the prior process. Meaning you need to complete that and register those elements into your MD library. Then the process can proceed. Hope that helps you get some overview on what is going on and what is missing.  


    >> Link one

    >> Link two


    Specific help in registering your NEW incoming characters fit suit. (aka registering your new named character skin suit first) ... think of these elements as a 'pair' that need to be loaded into any new garments fitting process. 


    See thread + comment halfway down the page.



    Hi Geordie,

    (Ignore the size editing stuff, its only for the Base avatars that are made for sizing that come with the software)

    Are you selecting the new avatar with the fit-suit that you made? Often times, once people make the fit suit they forget to confirm that they are working with that new avatar or forget to double check that they have saved a copy of it to work from afterwards (I recommend labeling it "fit suit[filename]" so you can tell the difference). You basically have to use the new avatar you create "the registered avatar" not the old one thats not "registered", and must do this for every custom avatar that you want to use and people forget that step. That is what often causes people to get that error even though they "made a fit suit already"

    Here is the youtube video on Fit suits just in case 

  • Leandro Oliveira Comment actions Permalink

    Angel Angel, thanks for your reply. I recorded a video, after I created the Fitting Suit:

    I posted this same video in the thread you sent me.


  • Angel Angel Comment actions Permalink

    Yeah that's odd. When you load the garment > It looks like it is loading a new re-targeted position to the skin suit ? Which makes we wonder if the garment import project file has some additional data (skin suit) or avatar fitting coming in when you load it as a garment. Could be some legacy data from when the garment was authored in an older version - perhaps ?


    With the .... UV missing statement popup modal alert .... I would go back to the original garment > and try opening that up in MD11 first and see if there is anything extra inside that project file, I would also check the UV layout for the garment patterns in the UV editor to make sure no avatar UV data is also coming in. If there is an avatar in that original garment file I would think about clearing that out as a new saved garment from MD11, in the hope that cleans out any data that should not be in the garment file.


    So in short open up the garment file in MD without the fitting process, check it is clean, don't re-simulate it, and maybe dial down it's mesh density to 20mm ready for the next process, and make sure it has good UV's for the patterns and that no old avatar or old skin suit is in that 'garment' file. (open up avatar and delete all avatars to be sure) that should flush out any old avatar UV data. Then save that as a new garment name - eg: (garmentname-issue-02.zpac). Then try importing that new garment (cleaned) in MD11, and see if that resolves the problem.


    And if that is still not working you might need to flick the garment file to MD support to have a look at it.

  • Leandro Oliveira Comment actions Permalink

    Hi Angel Angel. This project file I´ve bought has an avatar and a Fitting Suit. I´ll do what you suggest and check if this solves the problem.


  • Leandro Oliveira Comment actions Permalink

    I deleted the existing avatar, but I don´t know how to delete the existing Fitting Suite...

  • Angel Angel Comment actions Permalink

    Try reloading the garment without the avatar in a saved copy of the original file. Keeping your original as a backup. And see if flushing the avatar from the garment file helps. So open up that original project file. This includes the garment and avatar > then make a save as copy > now you have two options > on the copied file:


    1. > on the copy file > delete all the avatars, then save as 'garment' only. That should drop the avatar data completely.

    2. > On the copied file, > open  but leave the avatars there >  save as > garment. (Not as project) -  this should dump/flush all the avatar data and hopefully the skin suit binding, so you now have just a garment file.


    Now try starting a new garment > and import the  newly saved 'garment-only' file (2) you just made from your project file. See if that resolves the issue. 


    [ A third option ] - belt and braces -  is to open up two instances of the MD app, to have (both) the original garment and avatar file open in one window > then to copy just the patterns from the 2D drafting window (select) and then paste them into a 'fresh new garment file ' in the other window instance of MD app and 2D drafting window. Then save that as a garment project, in the hope you only copied over the seen 2D garment and not any bound skin suit.




    If that doesn't work I would flick a message to support using your online user profile, and see how they respond to that file. To be honest I haven't come across this issue before so it's possibly something to do with the binding of the skin suit to the avatar.

  • Leandro Oliveira Comment actions Permalink

    Angel Angel it seems that the Fitting Suit inside the garment has solved, but now I have another issue: after making a Fitting Suit for the avatar and saving it, it´s not be showing, as it doesn´t exist... See this video for clarification, please:

    If you want the files, I can send them to you via We Transfer.

    Thank you for your help.

  • Leandro Oliveira Comment actions Permalink

    I tested using another Garment MD file, in this case, downloaded from CG Trader. Basically, my avatar has a Fitting Suit, but when I add the garment, this Fitting Suit disappears...

  • Leandro Oliveira Comment actions Permalink

    I tested the Fitting Suit feature with an avatar from Marvelous, and the Fitting Suit works (it doesn´t disappear). So, there´s something wrong with the imported avatar...

    But, even using the Marvelous avatar, this complex garment didn´t fit perfectly. I noted that Fitting Suit doesn´t cover the feet, and I think that´s why it didn´t work on this part. Anyway, how to fit a complex garment like this?

  • Leandro Oliveira Comment actions Permalink

    I tried other two different avatars, and they didn´t work. When I open one of them, the Fitting Suit has gone... I don´t know what´s happening... :(

  • Angel Angel Comment actions Permalink

    It's a very complex garment assembly with layers. So I think your observation is right > the fit suit is maybe not going to fit such a complex assembly in one go. Best to break it down into stages and just do the main garment one layer at a time, freeze it and then sift to the next layer. I would manually scale the 2D patterns (select and scale) and shift the  lacing and shoes onto the model, as the fit suit perhaps doesn't do these areas well. So maybe treat these separately.

  • Leandro Oliveira Comment actions Permalink

    Angel Angel thanks for your suggestion. Before this, I have to discover how to work around the fitting issue... Thanks, again.

  • Leandro Oliveira Comment actions Permalink

    Hi guys, I´m back to this thread because I think I´m missing some steps in the process. I watched this video: 

    I think my problem could be in "Prepare the garment file for simulation". As I downloaded the garment from somewhere out Marvelous Store, I have to complete this step to move on. But the video is not clear about using an avatar out of Marvelous. The video says I have to simulate the garment and save it before using Auto Fitting with a different avatar. So, I guess, before simulating, I have to make a Fitting Suit for the avatar that came with the garment (an avatar provided by Marvelous already have a Fitting Suit. That´s why I think I have to make a Fitting Suit for the avatar supplied by the garment I downloaded). So, I opened the project I downloaded and started to create a Fitting Suit. After finishing it, I noted the garment is disappeared from the project. And, if I add the garment, the fitting suit of the avatar disappeared.

    Please, guys, help me... If you need a video to clarify my doubt, just let me know.

  • geordie Comment actions Permalink

    I am also having this issue and have been for close to a year. Super frustrating to have to manually refit every garment. Here is a video to illustrate the problem.

  • Angel Angel Comment actions Permalink

    I will look into it and see about some tips and pointers to speed your process and then maybe follow up by posting a tutorial video.

  • Leandro Oliveira Comment actions Permalink

    Hi guys. After the last update of Marvelous, the Auto Suit seems to be back to work. And I discovered some points I was missing: 

    1 - If the garment original project doesn´t have an auto suit, make one.

    2 - Simulate the garment on avatar.

    After that, open your Auto Suit Avatar, add the garment from the project. Don´t move the garment. Then, click in Auto Suit button in 2D Window and everything should work.

    I have to say that tutorials I found, including from Marvelous, don´t go deep about this... It was hard to noob people like me to understand these tine details.

  • geordie Comment actions Permalink

    If the original garment doesn't come with an avatar you're sort of hooped. 

  • Leandro Oliveira Comment actions Permalink

    I bought two garments, without avatars. But both had an auto suit. Click "Show auto suit". If so, you´ll be able to adjust the garment on your avatar.

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