Space suit pattern

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    Most of the patterns can be drafted just like did for the main suit. However you would be best to model the gloves in another new project and then import them when finished back into the main project. The reason for this is two fold, the scale of the mesh for the gloves needs to be much smaller than the main space suit. And that means you will have almost as many patterns for the glove as the main suit.


    You should use a hard model of the glove aluminum inter-connector ring as the interface so that you attach it using a line seam on that ring as a secondary avatar model import. So for boots, and gloves and helmet I would treat all those items as separate projects and then finally bring them all together into one final assembly project. And you only need to create one glove, one boot as you may mirror them as final assemblies and then simply re-simulate them slightly to get some difference. 

    You may set the skin offset of an avatar hand to a bigger value to get the air space between the astronaut and the glove. And to create the patterns you may also draft on the avatar hand with pattern lines and then unfold the pattern pieces. This is the fastest way sometimes to get a correct fit to the hand. The same goes for the helmet - import the hard model helmet as a extra avatar model and draw on it and then unfold pattern pieces > they will then be assembled in place on the helmet as you work cutting down on a huge amount of simulation work.


    I have made a few of these so that is how I did it.


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