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    These menu items relate to MD avatars. So this means some of the tools will not be associated with your custom avatar as the internal avatar is more advanced in features than and external character model you import. However there are workflows that allow you to use external characters - which is a main use of MD,so this is also catered for.

    You have a couple of options >

    [1] when you import you could ensure that your avatar (limbs) are roughly in the correct 'T' pose so the bounding volumes and arrangement points are automatically mapped to that custom character on import. You can always use a custom character morph transition in MD (vertex ID) to shift the avatar from that initial 'T' pose back into a character pose for work after the initial tailoring of your garment on the 'T' pose. And in MD you may manually apply any custom tape onto a custom avatar. However the many auto-tapes that come on the inbuilt MD avatars will not necessarily be available as they are also associated to a character anthropocentric fit database - which your custom character does not have. 

    [2] So to over come this > MD can map the smart MD avatar (with all it's auto tape and size adjustment features) to your custom character using a 'skin suit'. That is a kind of surface interpolation to make the MD avatar conform to your avatars skin shape. This has limitation(s) however so it may not be suitable as a workflow for some custom characters as you are not working directly on your character, but it can give you a 'fitters' avatar that has the tapes all marked out on it and is useful for development of your garment as you do the tailoring. 

    The downside is that you then need to shift that garment off your fitters avatar onto your custom character at some point.Which is relatively easy to do as it should be an almost identical surface fit and in the same pose as when you created the interpolation of the skin suit.


    So a couple of options.




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