2d viewport Avatar glitch?

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    This is a result of your 'z' depth placement on your reimported avatar. If the x,y,z co-ordinate has changed in your previous file when you import the avatar (or move it manually inside MD) the x,y clipping plane that defines the 2D drafting window silhouette could be reset to a different 'z' point relative to the avatar.


    This means to get an accurate outline silhouette projection to the shape of your original avatar you need to A) ensure the avatar is on the x,y,z > 0,0,0 co-ordinate and B) that the camera's clipping plane and projection has not been altered from the previous scene. 


    You can perhaps reset the camera, and then also adjust the avatar back to the zero point in 3D space that should resolve the problem. What you see is the clipping plane / projection plane relative to the avatar bisecting the body at the front of the body (eg: jusrt above the foot high arch).



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    Hey I am with the same issue using MD 9.5 (perpetual license).
    There is no way to just move the projection plane? Cant you release a small plugin to give us an way to do that?

    I spent now almost 2 days trying everything I could to import a new avatar, in a new scene with auto generated bounding boxes and arrangement points without criple my model and failed all the time. Updated GPU drivers, changed model formats and scales.

    Just while typing here I realized that moving the OBJ Gizmo in Z+ enough to compensate this bugged clipping plane before import it to a clean scene will arrange the bounding boxes to the model...

    Not what I want to do but will solve it for now. 

    But this opens a new question... I will have trouble with the simulation if I import an animated .abc of the same model that had another Gizmo position un Maya?

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