Symmetrical Bounding Volumes

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    Hi Tim,

    Currently with don't have the function to mirror Bounding Volumes.  However, if your avatar has joint information and the skeleton is symmetrical, you can go to Menu - Avatar - Avatar Editor - Arrangement to manually add new bounding Volumes, apply the same setting and attach them to the symmetrical joints.


    Best regards,
    Marvelous Designer Support Team 

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    Ahh, okay. Pity. Unfortunately, I don't have any joint information. I've just taken my sculpted character straight out of ZBrush and into MD. It's an anthropomorphic character, so the typical Bounding Volumes and Arrangement Points don't match.

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    If it is a bi-ped like character (leg, torso, arms) you can apply the auto 'fit' clothing workflow using the skin suit. Import your character as avatar, generate a fit a skin suit and then auto-fit any garment that was arranged using a standard BV layout.

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    Hm. Is that a new feature that was added recently? I don't recall seeing that one. Do I need to add my clothing to a generic avatar with custom Bounding Volumes/Arrangement Points first? Because if so, I'm not sure if that would work in my case. XD My character is a bi-ped, but he's a very chonky boi. Quite overweight. This is him:


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