Apple Silicon Compatibility, recent Apple Event Demo

  • Marvelous Designer Team COMMUNITY MANAGER Comment actions Permalink

    Hello Angus Hume and Hamacek Stephen

    Please kindly note that Marvelous Designer is currently making a progress on implementation of M1 compatibility, and it is anticipated to come out sometime during the Summer or Fall this year.

    But also please understand that the development schedule could be changed depending on the situation at the time.

    Thank you.

  • Hamacek Stephen Comment actions Permalink

    I agree. Please let us know if there are plans for an M1 optimised version of Clo/Marvelous. This would be a major breakthrough, and I for one need to replace my computer at the moment, and would seriously consider a Mac Studio if it will support MD soon. This Apple promo was a huge teaser though....surely there is some development happening??

  • Hamacek Stephen Comment actions Permalink

    Thanks for the info! I hope you can share more details as things progress. Are you anticipating Metal/GPU optimisations? Great news in any case. :)


  • miouz Comment actions Permalink

    looking forward to the apple silicon version , its running really slow now

  • Li James Comment actions Permalink

    Is there any update for this year...?

  • Support Agent COMMUNITY MANAGER Comment actions Permalink

    Li James Hello :) 

    Now we support the Native Support for Apple's M1 Processors on our latest patch version of 11.

    Thank you!

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