Attach buttons together?

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    Hello Tim Smith,

    Could you share your own button file with us so that we can look into the file and find out why the program crashes?

    If it is okay, please send it via :)

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    I think I did when I reported the issue in a separate thread, though I don't believe I got a reply to it. I can send it again if you want? The button I have isn't for this though, it's a separate piece I made for another item of clothing.

    I'm guessing you can't attach button parts together then...? :-\

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    I've sent the email with the attached files. Also, this is the setup and error I get every time:


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    Thank you for getting back to us Tim Smith!

    I would appreciate it if you could attach the obj file with us. It would be also helpful if you also share the .txt file. Thank you!

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    I did attach the obj to the email I sent. It doesn't look like I can attach files here, in one of these messages. This was the contents of the last txt file it generated:

    mvAssert filePath = d:\work\f7c57f528141d59c\marvelous\source\utility\utility.cpp, line = 6437
    3D Mode : MOVE_OBJECT
    stack size: 1, curStackPos: 0
    [0] O class Marvelous::UnReMultipleOperations

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