Pipeline questions with Marvelous designer and Maya.

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    Hello 홍이성

    Thank you for contacting us!


    According to your questions, I'd like to share with you the other way to try instead.


    1.  Change to quads (As Tami mentioned)

    2.  Export with thin and weld option checked

    3.  Create thickness on other tools that you use (Maya or something)


    I hope this information helps you! Should have further questions, please let us know! Have a lovely day :)


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    I don't use Maya, but have you tried exporting in quads? 

    I always export in quads, thin and weld. Applying subdivision and thickness after that won't be a problem.

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    Thank  you guys all!!.


    I'll try later!


    And I have one question.


    What is role about that option, weld??

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    Yes !!

    And as for your additional question, when you thick Weld option, it combines the Vertex (points of the mesh) of the parts of the pattern that are sewn together into one line into one point.

    For your information, I've attached the manual. Please refer to the  Weld part in the manual. (Click here)

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