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Morph target "add obj" error

  • Marvelous Designer Team COMMUNITY MANAGER Comment actions Permalink

    Can you explain your intended process/ what you are hoping to do?

    It is difficult to tell much from here (other than since there appears to be no avatar in the scene to morph it to?)

  • ragulhome01 Comment actions Permalink

    I grateful for your response.

    What I did is:

    Workflow 1:

    Step 1: I exported both the 3D garment and 2D patterns as OBJ files following the Morph Target Clo3D tutorial.

    Step 2: I imported the 3D garment as an avatar and the 2D patterns separately, adding them as "MORPH TARGET".

    Then I encountered an error message stating "incompatible for current avatar".

    Workflow 2:

    However, the morph target worked if I rearranged the 2D pattern arrangement and then exported them as OBJ files. When imported as a morph target, it worked.

    But I would like to achieve that if I place the 2D patterns randomly and then export them as OBJ files, they should import as a morph target and work properly.

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