Buckle not working

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    1) your bag looks really tiny, check your scale. MD works at a set scale for the world (think human scale) and if the bag is very small then that is likely why this is happening. working too small comes with a lot of issues including the one you're encountering. https://youtu.be/-F1vEhYammI for too small scale examples

    2) you will need to use those buckles as additional avatars, then you can modify their skin offset which is part of the scale issue/ see #1  (and on average buckles need smaller skin offsets)


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    I am also having problems with the buckles. If I add as an avatar, I can get the fabric to mostly stay in the buckle, but if I add as a trim, it won't stay woven in.... 

    Pattern with avatar

    Added as a trim

    Let me know if I should submit directly to technical support. 

    Also the avatar won't move when I simulate the 3D pattern. 


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