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Python API 3rd party / external package

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    its the same as the python source code.  in marvelous you can "import site" and "print(dir(site))" and call site.addpackage.  i dont know how far this will get you, please keep me posted.


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    in my experience, completely replacing the python and having it work is a pretty clean solution.  I hope enough python devs can inspire a better workflow for this.  im concerned that i think the clo3d python lib is more full featured that the marvelous python lib, but i dont know for sure.

    but yeah, we (tech artists) need butttons in Marvelous that uses Qt and stdlib.


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    would be super cool if blender and marvelous both used python 3.10 so a script could access both.  

    the version MD uses (3.7 was deprecated last year,  it would be really useful to tech artists if the companies that make the products with the sdks keep their sdks up to date.



  • chrisrogers3d Comment actions Permalink is also an option im going to explore to give my artists a UI to python based tools

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