How to export only selected patterns for animation?

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    Hi Mr. Burges

    Once you have both garments animated, export the file as Alembic. Please save the file two times, separate files each time. 

    This way you will have one file for each garment you have in the scene, in your case the cap and the t-shirt. 

    (Now in Maya) Import the alembic to the software of your choice. In my case, I will use Maya. Alembic files will not lose their animation cache if you separate the components of the garments and delete the parts you do not want. This way you will import one file, delete patterns till you have only 1 garment, and do the inverse process with the other file you saved. 

    You now can save them in another format that you need. Or work directly with both garments separate from each other. 

    I will attach an image that shows how these 2 pieces of garment that I use both have the animation cache and are separate from each other. 

    Let me know if this workaround helps you with your project. 

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    No that is really not an ideal workaround...

    Most software Cinema4D, Blender, 3DS max if you delete faces on an alembic file you get a vertex count mismatch error like below - This means I currently have to separate the files out and then re-export them as separate .alembics/.MDD in order to get the result I want, which is an extremely annoying and tedious workaround.

    Whenever I have an outfit that comprises of more than a few garments it can take me up to an hour to do this process... :((

    It would be much more streamlined if I could do it directly from Marvelous Designer and avoid all these clumsy & time consuming workarounds - When will this feature be available in Marvelous Designer or is it a planned update? 

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    I've just updated to the most recent version and found this capability has still not been added... is this planned to be included at some point in the future? 

    This is a massive roadblock in my workflow :((

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