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Creating a stiff plastic vaccum effect

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    Hello Filipa Combo, we have already replied to you via Contact Us, but we will leave it here as well for better visibility. 

    To achieve the vacuum-packing look in our software, we recommend focusing on the fabric material and the pressure attribute of the pattern.
    Since this isn't a typical type of garment, starting with a material that closely matches the stiffness of the packing material would be beneficial.
    Subsequently, manual adjustments to the simulation properties will be required.
    I suggest setting the pressure to a negative value, around -10, and configuring the appropriate bend parameters.
    Additionally, making minor adjustments to the collision thickness for both the garment and the collision object could be helpful.
    Furthermore, consider tweaks like lowering the gravity value, or even setting it to 0, if finding the right physical value for the simulation is challenging.
    Using custom displacement/normal maps can also enhance surface details.
    I hope this guidance helps you achieve your desired outcome.
    If you have further questions, please feel free to let us know.

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