Texture UVs not "sticking" to autofit clothing?

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    hi Andrew,

    Can you please share images or video to help our staff and other community members better understand what issues you are encountering so we cn assist you? Some assets like those for Hana who's garments have unified UVs.

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    Hi - thanks for the note. Here are pictures of one of the default avatars with a Hana garment added, before and after autofit, and a shot of the UV.



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    You will have to edit any UVs that are similar to that in the unified coordinates options and scale manually. As you can see that default asset was not made for scaling and use in other projects. (also see TOS about default asset use and what is and isn't allowed)  Most people do not use UV textures in the way that this specific example is used. We recommend the more common workflows and methods.

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    Ok - could you please point me in the right direction for getting the UV mapping to stay in place? I haven't had the experience of UV maps "slipping" out of place, though I typically have used Blender for this.

    Also, please let me know what you're referring to in the TOS. Neither the term "default" nor "asset" appear in the TOS, assuming that you're referring to the one found here.


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    In a "non-lawyer" explanation, licensed materials that come with the software such as Clo samples & restricted CLO samples aka  garments, avatars, and other default, provided assets, are subject to the Terms of Service & User Agreement which you would have agreed to upon downloading and installing the software. If using a trial license: trial licenses are not allowed to be used for commercial purposes in any capacity. If you would like more clarification on the TOS and/or the Marvelous Designer License Agreement please don't hesitate to contact us via the "Contact Us page" here on our website or directly to legal@clo3d.com for the specificities that surround the use of assets that come provided with the software.


    To answer the UV question:

    The texture is created on the original UV, when scaling the mesh the unified coordinates for this specific default asset no longer match, as you have seen. To go to the unified coordinate option, select the fabric, choose Unified under the texture mapping option and you can adjust in the UV editor.  As you can see in the image of the fabric window below: the fabric is a unified texture, not a repeat texture and will need scaling.  You are likely familiar with repeat textures which do not have this issue when you modify a mesh.

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    I'm a bit confused... Why the note about the trial license? Is something I'm doing here in violation?

    FYI I'm currently only testing it to see how it works. I'm assuming that any freely available assets, e.g. this shirt, can be used commercially on characters in renderings once the software is purchased?

    Thanks for the help with the UV!


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    Hi Andrew,

    The usage of trial being included in the reply is a default response. We are not aware of any violation at this time. As long as you follow the agreement for trial license usage you should be fine!


    To answer your second question: If what you define as "freely available assets" are the assets that come with the software by default with the purchase of a License. Many of those assets, as previously defined "default assets" in above comments, are "Restricted CLO samples" which means they cannot be used for commercial purposes, even if you purchase a license to the software.  Pre-designed clothing falls under "restricted CLO samples"

    For more questions and to request further clarification regarding this subject please contact the legal team via their email legal@clo3d.com or via our "contact us page"

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    I'm glad you mentioned the commercial use. I read through the License, and the fact that the "free assets" can neither be modified nor used in any commercial context ends my interest in this software.

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    Glad we could help! 

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