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A few pre-purchase questions

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    Hi Andrew! 

    Thanks for contacting us, I will respond to your questions in the same order:

    1) Usually the process is straightforward. CC4 and Blender use the same type of files as MD, like.OBJ and .FBX, USD or Alembic.
    You need to keep in mind that the avatars you bring to MD from CC4 will not be able to use Pose and Motion files from default avatars from MD. You can always save new poses from your custom avatar or any animation you create. Poses and Motion works with matching rigg.
    MD does not have a render engine, for that reason, your custom avatars will not display hair and eyes correctly (As cc4 displays them).

    2)  Marvelous Designer software is sold on its own. It is not part of any bundle. 

    3) When you refer to Materials, do you mean the fabric properties that will be applied during the simulation? if yes, then yes, you can change easily the fabric of any garment. Garment files you buy will be editable. Fabrics too. 

    If any other question arise, please let us know

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    Regarding what comes with MD, does it include any base content, like the ones in the demo, such as garments & materials?


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    Yes, Marvelous Designer will provide you with several assets like: 

    • Fabrics. (Physic properties)
    • Library of hardware & trims, buttons, Avatars with poses and motion, basic garments, hangers, and scene set (Stage). You can download more assets at 
    • Modular garment creation (Jackets, Shirts, T-shirts...).
    • Related to tutorials, we upload videos covering all the tools and best practices. Here you will find the playlist to beginners tutorial. 
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    This thread is closed as the questions were answered elsewhere. Please refer to the related TOS for the information surrounding the usage of assets that are available on the CONNECT store or in the Marvelous Designer software; as not all assets which made available to users via a valid User License are available to use for commercial purposes - some are restricted to learning resources and some must be modified from their sample item. If anyone has questions regarding specific assets and usage, please message us via the contact us page or at

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