Can no longer export separate mesh for stitching whilst still retaining UVmap? (Version 12 issue)

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    Hi Mburgues

    It's the same in MD9 and MD12.  You can export twice.  First time uncheck all patterns and only export topstitch.  Second time check all patterns and uncheck topstitch. Unified UV would need to be turned on for both file exports.  The UV exported will contain everything.  Even if only export topstitch, all UVs will be baked into the texture map.

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    No that is not how it worked in MD9... I only had to export it once to give me the desired result, as it would export the stitching geometry along with the baked UVmap assigned to everything like below - then I could simply change the image texture on the stitching to my single stitch.

    Now you're telling me I'd need to export it twice... which apart from being a much more tedious process will also no longer allow me to work with animation exports like .mdd cache because I will end up with 2 different meshes/vertex counts (The one without stitching geometry vs the one with stitching geometry).

    Why is this not possible in MD12? I pay to upgrade a software and now I have less features than the previous??

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    I see you using Texture type for the topstitch (Property editor). If you want to export the topstitched as just a texture, flat, and just display with the UVs, then yes that’s the way to do it. 
    If you want to keep the 3D Geometry mesh of the Topstiches, then you will need to apply OBJ type for the topstiches. 

    MD9 will always display the topstitch as 3D Geometry. The option for applying as a texture wasn’t available in that version. That’s why your exports by default will export geometry. We introduce the option of just applying to Texture to ease the geometry for those users that need low polycount. 

    Using OBJ for topstitch, and applying the same export properties you show in the second comment should result in a mesh with the 3D geometry of the topstiches and a unified UV. I leave an example below after exporting it to Maya.


    About the first comment, second image, the shirt on the right has the stitches applied as texture to the UVmap, you can see that in the first image, you export it as Texture (Properties editor)
    For the shirt on the right, as you choose no unified UV coordinates, there is no texture to interpret, so it will be displayed with a flat square of the dimensions of the stitches. 

    Please, try what I mentioned above and let me know if you acquire the desired display of your project. 

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    No I do not want to have the topstitch as 3D geometry, if you read my first post you will see I clearly stated why I use this 2D texture method?? 

    What I am saying is it is no longer possible to do this as a single export like you used to be able to...
    (Yes it used to give out incorrect mapping for the 2D stitching on the baked UV version, but you could fix this by deleting the UV mapping in blender - this is now no longer possible like you can see in my second image because I would have to export 2 different versions!)

    All I ask is that you could prove to me that you can get a result that has the baked UV on the main part of the garment with a separate 2D stitching texture/mesh in 1 export because I guarantee you will not be able to in this version, I've tried all the export settings :((

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    I'm trying to replicate your steps on MD9 and this is the result I obtain. For reporting missing features I need to be able to replicate the results you obtain. Please let me know if the export properties are correct. 

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    You can see my export settings in my 2nd comment... maybe it is because you have 3D stitching enabled in your stitch settings?
    Again you can see in my first image how my stitching is made up of 2D planes - IT IS NOT 3D, please make sure you are using a 2d stitching texture before you try to replicate the issue?

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