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Seperate and combine Animated Garment

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    Hi Ganjadalf

    For the hoodie to stay in place, you can use tack to an avatar to keep in place. Also, creating a pattern (Chin Strap) that goes around the head and keeps the hood on the top of the head could be a solution, later you can make this pattern invisible or just delete it from the final scene. 

    Exporting in FBX should keep the animation record. Please try again and check the timeslider of the 3rd party software to see if there is any animation record. 

    If you want to export them separately, you can open the project, simulate all, and when you got everything ready to export, save the project, delete the parts you don't want, and export it as FBX or Alembic. Then, reopen the file, and do this same process but this time exporting the one you deleted before. This way you will have 2 separate files for the different parts. 

  • Ganjadalf Comment actions Permalink

    Hi, thank you for the reply.
    ill try the suggested solutions. For the tacking i already tried that, but it made the jittering/flickering worse. Guess it causes conflict with the already set constraints and the air dampening or some. 

    I'll look into the fbx export again to see if i can fix that, for the ones i tried before there was no anim record when going through the timeslider in blender. 

    I tried deleting parts of the animated garment, but that seemed to delete the whole animation record. How do i delete a piece of the clothing and keep the animation of the rest? This was the solution i was going for, but was struggling to get 2 seperate files. 

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