Crashing on Import OBJ as Garment Without Trace Pattern From UVs

  • Marvelous Designer Team COMMUNITY MANAGER Comment actions Permalink

    Hi Robin
    I did the same process and did not get the error, did you check the scale of your OBJ?. Please let me know which version are you working with and your user ID. 

    For now, try to import it with trace pattern option enable. If your using the last version, you will be able to adjust the topology with retopology tools in case you need an specific amount or shape on the loops. 

  • Robin Lovejoy Comment actions Permalink

    Hi, sorry I didn't see the message sooner. Yes, the object had a uniform scale, I applied scale and rotation in Blender, and it was also a real-world scale object, note something gigantic or miniscule. I'm using version 7.2.191. I've been managing fine with just using Designer to create my garments, what I wanted to do likely wouldn't have worked out anyway. It appears to be working now as well, so I'm not sure what the problem was. Anyway, thank you for the reply.

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