thickness issue

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    Hi Memo

    In the different display options on the 3D window, you will find "Thick Texture Surface". There you will see how much thickness is been added to the garment. Once you apply Thickness, it will affect the way the garment displays and also the physics that are involved depending on the fabric used.

    Please share an image of the garment with the Thick Texture Surface display and the properties panel from the red stripes to be able to help you further.

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    Thank you for your replay,

    i added thickness with geometry (layer clone(over)). when i sew them, fabric (red stripes) begins to act like plastic strip. I tried different fabric types but not effected. Maybe i am doing somethings wrong, i am new in marvelous designer.

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    Oh, I see. Thought you were working with thickness (rendering). 
    If you are going to use the option of "Layer Clone - Over" you have to keep in mind the direction of the faces. Normals will determine the direction in which these faces are going to pull. When you use clone over, the faces of the clone will face the same direction as the original piece. To turn the direction of the normal, click on the pattern and select "Flip Normal"
    Also, this option will add some "strength" as both pieces will act as one in terms of keeping their shape and form in the space. 
    So, what I said about activating the Thick Texture Surface isn´t going to help you out in this case. 

    Let me know if this will fix your issue. If this is not the case, please issue a ticket on our contact us page with the project file attached so I can take a look at it. 

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    You tought like that because of my english. It was hard to explain for me in english.

    You helped me so much. Thank you. Flip normal fixed my issue. I will never forget it anymore.

    Thank you so much.



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