Retopology on zipper and pipes

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    Hi Wind. 
    Inside MD11 - MD12  you got tools to retopologize your garment and be able to export the low-resolution one with the maps and UVs. Which version are you using? 
    If you need a specific amount of polygons for the Trims you can always import custom ones made by you so you don't have to retopologize all the objects you are using after export.

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    I have MD 12, I have the retopo tools on my main pieces but it never allows me to retopo either the pipes or zippers. It appears in 2D as a opaque rectangle right below the model in 2D view but nothing I do allows me to retopo it. Clicking does nothing, I cannot interact with them even when the retopo view shows the rectangle.


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    To add on this, these shapes do NOT show up in the normal 2D view. They only show up in the retopo menu and cant be interacted with or moved.

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    The retopology tools are only for the garments, not for the Trims.
    If you need a specific amount of geometry for the zipper I recommend instead of using the one by default to create those different parts of the Zipper and integrate them into MD. Except for the Puller & Stopper are the parts with more complexity, the rest doesn't have that much density of mesh so you probably can be using them later on to make the retopology on other software more dedicated to hard surfaces (E.g. With Quad draw) and change the aspect by using maps. 

    The same happens with buttons. You can create a button and integrate it in MD but you're not going to be able to use retopology tools for that button in MD. 

    I don't recommend exporting the project to Maya or other software for the retopo of the trims by hand. This will be much more time-consuming than creating the ones you need with the exact geometry needed.

    If these garments are going to be used in a game (Assuming for the retopo), you might want to integrate the zipper directly on the maps instead of having more geometry on the file. But this will deppend on the end use for this project. 

    Pipings will show up on other software as mesh, in case you want to do the retopology to them too. You will only need to relocate the UVs for those parts of the dress.

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