Pose symmetry on custom avatar

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    Hi, this issue could be produced by different reasons. To be able to help you better, I will need some footage of the process, the file of the custom avatar, and the zprj file. You can do so on our Contact Us page. 
    Also, did you save the pose and continue working on the avatar on the same project? So they share object space size and orientation?

    Once we receive your files we will take a look and try to find out what is creating those issues.

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    Hello MD team,

    Thank you so much for your response! I have managed to get rid of the avatar shrinking problem through simply making a new one. However I am still struggling with the pose symmetery though, does that also require the footage of the process with the files?

    Also on a side note, is there any way that I can get the weight map that MD supposedly uses for physics simulation when exporting my project? I would like to simulate the physics on other animation software real-time like iClone but I can't seem to find a way.

    Again, thank you for making such a versatile easy-to-learn software for many to use, I am really enjoying learning it!

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    Marvelous Designer currently does not support Weight Maps. Might be included in the next releases as we are aware of how useful this tool is for the right simulation of complex pieces. 

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