Clothes floating upwords

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    Hi minmin
    As you are fresh new to MD, I recommend you to go through our basic tutorials playlist on our Youtube channel. There you will learn all the tools and good practices for achieving the best results for your designs.

    Also for quick respond, you can join our Discord community.
    Please, share an image of your file to better understand the issue you have.

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    I am following a course to learn the software. I believe due to some mismatches in dimensions I've had to scale up the model which may have resulted in this. Anyway, I did attach the file link for the above, if you could review and tell me the probable problem I'd be really grateful!
    Attaching a few clips and an image to give you more context. Please check this drive folder to access the files and few clips!

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    Here is a comparison of your custom avatar with a human-scale avatar. If your avatar is too big or too small the display of the garments will be affected. 
    The Fabric you using is Cotton_Heavy_Twill. If you´re avatar is going to be that small, all the patterns will be small too. So if you apply a fabric with some strength like C_H_T, the patterns will have resistance to fall. Use some other fabric like Default_For_Simulation and you will see the difference. 
    As a new user, I recommend you learn the basics of our software with the default avatars from MD, as custom avatars could bring issues of different kinds (In this case the size) that will slow down your learning process. 

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