Garment keeps distance on parts of avatar although collision distance / skin offset is reduced

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    hu... may it be a related to this fitting suit?

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    okay... sometimes it helps just to write down the problem... I think it was this misplaced fitting suit. After creating a fitting suit (under "3D Garment" > "Create fitting suit") the garments are placed next to the avatar as expected.

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    Unfortunately I still have the same probem... now it seems that the fitting suit is not really placed close to the avatar which still causes the garment to be placed too far away from the avatar... at least I think. See attached image with the fitting suit visible. I don't understand why the fitting suit behaves like that. Did I something wrong with the reference lines?

    Reference lines when editing / adding the fitting suit:



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    There are 2 properties to have in mind when comes to collision with an avatar. 

    • Thickness - Collision / Garment properties (Distance in mm from Garment to Skin)
    • Skin - Offset / Avatar properties

    Bring both to 0 if you want it to be tight. But I recommend always leaving at least 0,5 mm to let the mesh.

    The Fitting Tool will aloud you to place and deform your garments for different humanoid shapes. Ones are places, you need them to simulate to be able to display properly. As you can see in the image below, once I set both Skin Offset/Thickness - Collision to 0, the patterns are going to collide with the avatar, not with the fitting suit.

    I leave one of our videos reviewing the tool. Hope you find it helpful.

    In case you still have that issue, pls share an image of your avatar and a MD avatar in the same scene to check if the size of your avatar could be contributing to the problem. 

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    Thank you for your response. I assume that the garment was not fitted to an avatar with fitting suit before. So when I added the (new) garment to the scene with the avatar at the first place I still had this issue. I then turned down the values as suggested by you, re-simulated everything and voila, now it's working. 

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