Problem with lace-up eyelets

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    For a correct distribution and simulation of the present patterns, you must use Freeze and Layers.
    First, freeze the pattern where the lace-up will be made. Place the eyelets and freeze them. Proceed to create the laces that will go on the bottom layer, then those on the top layer. Make use of the layers to square and simulate all the lace up once placed in place. Inner layer 1, outer layer 2.
    Once everything is layered, you can bring everything back to layer 0. Keep the base pattern frozen, and the rest activated. The simulation should not generate any collision errors.
    I leave you an example.


    Best regards,

    Marvelous Designer Support Team

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    Thanks! My first attempt was with buttons, but I tried your technique and works very well, but my eyelets don't pump like yours, how you did it?

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    Either way, with or without buttons, layering the different steps will always help you out setting a stable simulation. This was just an example of how to use layering on the benefit of the simulation, with that in mind you can proceed to create your style of laces.

    Make a big bigger eylets than the hole & the internal line so the mesh pops-up from the surface. Just a few mm would be enough. 

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    Don't pump effects for me :')

    And sometimes the ovals are super low poly, and other times have more, I don't know why. reducing the particle distance doesn't help at all.

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