How to load Substance Designer materials into Marvelous Designer?

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    1. That default library folder exists in the default Assets folder so here is the location you can look for:THISPC>OS C>USERS>PUBLIC>PUBLICDOCS>MarvelousDesigner>ASSETS>MATERIALS If you want that default folder to contain your externally installed substance files you will need to place them in the folder. OR what MOST people do is they use the + icon on the library tab to "shortcut" their folders. and you can customize your library. The library sources the windows folder locations as long as its a folder it can be added. 

    2. There is not a direct download option for substance at this time. ONLY CLO3D has that option currently. You likely saw it VIA a CLO video that was incorrectly tagged as Marvelous Designer (for SEO reasons by that creator. that happens that A LOT)

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