[SOLVED] How to fix shape

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    One of two causes, depending on where on the torso this is happening.  
    1. If this is happening on the lower back at the waistlin, then this is an issue called "swayback".  You will need to make a horizontal dart across the back to remove the excess material.  Here is a video explaining the swayback correction for patterns:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rODiDoenH7I 

    2. If this is happening at random places on the waist, then it could be that your lower torso patterns are too tight on the avatar, and are riding up to a position of less strain, and thus bunching up at the waist.  Use the Slash+Spread tool to swing the lower hem a bit wider.

    It's hard to tell for sure which will be the correct answer, as your screenshots are clipped a bit tight, removing some of the overall information that might have been deduced.

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    It was a "swayback" problem. There were also sewing length problems, I've changed the pattern, starting from scratch with a new one. It's fixed now.

    Thanks for the hint.


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