Problems when simulating clothes

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    Thank you for contracting us,

    To change the cloth physical property, select the fabric and under property editor, go to Physical Property and click the drop down arrow under Preset.

    To make the fabric less stretchy and less bendy, increase the number for Stretch and Bending.

    You can also chose the "Trim_Full_Grain_leather" fabric preset, which is a very strong fabric.

    To make it less affected by gravity, you can try decreasing the number for density:


    You should also apply solidify to your bracelet.  Please check out our tutorial on solidify here: [LINK].  Solidify can also be applied uniformly to the pattern piece by selecting the pattern, in the property editor, check the solidify check box:

    You can also use the tack tools to constraint the bracelet to the avatar body.



    Best regards,
    Marvelous Designer Support Team


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