Complex piece of clothing

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    Hi!! I'm by no means an expert. But maybe i can help a little. 

    In terms of where to start there are many approaches but here is what i would do. The overall big shape is kinda like a tight turtleneck t-shirt where the arms, back and a bit of the chest area is cut out. So on pinterest I would look for either a basic tutleneck or t-shirt pattern and use that to cut out the shapes or use the basic marvelous t-shirt and tighten it around your avatar and extrude the neck to a turtleneck.

    then i would just cut away the pieces. Freeze the turtleneck into place since that piece is kinda consistence. cut out the arms+back part and readjust as needed. then i'd cut out the chestpiece and readjust again. then you could start attaching the straps and pockets and work on the hems for the bottom and zipper pieces and the side pieces on the triangle.

    now this is where the question is if you gonna stay in marvelous or is you gonna sculpt/model the details. if you gonna stay within marvelous there are a lot of youtube tutorials where they show how to attach zippers and those rings (sorry i'm also still learning  those so i'm not quite sure about that workflow) or sculpt them since those rings are easily modeled and there are zipper brushes.

    I hope this helps a little bit - idk if that is the right way to approach it but i think thats how i would. lemme know if you want more help - and i'm down to jump to a quick discord call or sth!

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