simulation troubleshooting

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    OK, luckily it's an easy fix. Those are not basic jeans from our library, those are made by an artist on CONNECT MARKETPLACE who is not related to the company: so please note that anything not from any of the official accounts are not considered basic, or a part of our library. 

    Those you have found are specifically made in CLO3D and are real functioning patterns, so lucky its a good place to start but because its a real garment you will need to work to place them on your avatar that it might not actually fit. Also consider that it has items in that scene that are optimized for real item production, has lots of small parts and is not made for 3D pipeline productions (has too many pieces). You will want to learn the basics of how layering, cloth simulation and how to stabilize your projects for working in a 3D pipeline.

    Basically: you always have to settle the fabric appropriately on any custom avatar, and you should expect that anything from a marketplace will need to be adjusted. Layer and fix your pockets based on how they exist in space (pockets below pants, pant above etc) 

    Here is some videos on how layering works and how pants are layered in general:




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