gpu is not used in simulation only cpu

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    You are likely experiencing this issue because Marvelous Designer does not support AMD graphics cards for GPU simulation: see the manual link here


    LUCKILY you want to be working in CPU for your workflow anyway. GPU simulation is inaccurate and has inaccurate simulation. Here is the workflow order from our discord channel and invite here


    Workflows for simulation in ORDER:

    1. GPU - use at start if necessary. Best for large amounts of fabric. Not good for accuracy, not meant for anything other than settling large amounts of cloth into the scene at FIRST. WILL have collision issues, not accurate cloth sim. PLEASE DO NOT KEEP WORKING IN GPU you will encounter inaccuracies and "bugs"

    2. CPU - Recommended use: Majority of workflow. What you want to work in until the end for final simulation, can also be the final simulation stage depending on workflow. Accurate cloth simulation, most recommended simulation option. Used in all official tutorials unless stated otherwise

    3. Accurate Fabric -Use at end if necessary: slowest, most accurate for real life simulation, used to remove skin offset & additional collision thickness (may not in V12) 

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