Import avatar(.fbx) and apply texture

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    Thank you for contacting us,

    First of all, you need to import your garment and character separately.  You need to import your character mesh as "Avatar" for "Object Type" during import.  And for garment file, you would need to use .OBJ file format and chose "Garment" for "Object Type".  

    If you import your garment using OBJ, you can simulate but the parameters you can adjust is limited.  You would not able to assign fabric to it.  However, Marvelous Designer does not have a render engine build inside.  The textures for the fabrics in Marvelous designer are also built with diffuse and normal maps.  You are still able to use it in the render engine you are using.

    You can also check the "Trace 2D Patterns from UV Map" option during your .OBJ import if you have proper UV for your mesh.  By checking this, Marvelous Designer will create pattern pieces base on your UV shell.  Patterns will show up in the 2D window, and you will be able to use all of the functions in Marvelous Designer.  This might be best method for you.

    For tutorial on "Trace 2D Patterns from UV Map", please watch this tutorial here [LINK]

    I would strongly recommend you to watch our Quick Start tutorials to learn the basics in using Marvelous Designer, you can find these tutorials here [LINK]

    I also recommend you to join our discord channel, you would get faster respond from you peer here.  [Discord Invite Link]



    Best regards,
    Marvelous Designer Support Team

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    am sorry for the delayed response....

    Actually i tried with yur approach "importing garment as .OBJ file with Trace 2D pattern selected"

    I got above error with the below avatar

    can u pls suggest where am making mistake ?


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    Could you please send a screenshot of your UV layout?

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    In MD am unable to get UV layout

    @blender i am able to unwrap the mesh



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    As you can see from your screenshot, your UV is scattered everywhere, there are also overlapping areas in your UV.  Your UV does not have a clear borderline for Marvelous Designer to trace.  This is what a proper UV for a garment would look like:


    Please look up tutorials on how to UV in Blender, and create a proper UV for your garment first, before importing to MD if you want to use the "Trace Patterns with UV Map" function. 



    Best regards,
    Marvelous Designer Support Team

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